Guest View: Allison Mack is/was a victim

Guest View: By A Defender of Allison 

Bravo Frank…The level of your Frank Report is really really high by posting this story by Shadow State:  Shadow: Was Allison Mack a victim when she ruled female slaves?

It’s so funny to read this loser Shadow State write and, of course, as always, add an extra layer of BS on Allison’s side of the story.

An example:

“Allison might get 36 months.

Her victims will be scarred physically and psychologically for life”

Why is it said only for Allison?

First off, it’s Keith Raniere who scarred those victims.  The worst that Allison did (and that’s from the court document) is to retain collateral.

She didn’t even threaten them with physical violence or anything!

Lauren Salzman did worse than Allison but Shadow doesn’t provide that extra info. Some people might believe Shadow that you are biased…. Oh wait, you are!

You are so obsessed with Allison Mack that you continue to repeat the same lies and it’s really getting old there!

Allison is a victim… a victim of Nxivm and, worse yet, a victim of your obsession!

Give her a rest. She’ll never care for a nobody like you and that’s normal! Who would want a guy like you?

As for the rest of your stupid allegations:

-Orgies… proof? None. It’s only a sick allegation that Frank made based on ”a source”.

As far as we know, Allison was not even in bed with Raniere until a LONG time passed and that is a fact!

-Branding… It’s not her job. She didn’t create this, she wasn’t the one marking and that is clearly known by the court. They never say, “she created” because they know it’s Raniere!

She “supervised”, as much as Lauren or any other did who were at the branding ceremony. But of course, for you, it’s only about Allison.

-Use slave as her own sex toys… That’s your sick mind. Nobody has ever talked about this, only you and Frank made this story for your sick perverted fantasies. I already told you: keep that for yourself!

-Paddling… There is a mention of it in the case but no victims.
As far as what has been REALLY said, the caging and paddling were only applied to punish Allison if the slave refused to obey.

It’s Allison that was witnessed to be caged… moron!

She didn’t abuse India… Stop believing the word of fiction coming from the mouth of Catherine Oxenberg.  She didn’t have contact with her daughter when she wrote the book.

BTW, I remind you that technically, India was CC2  [Co-Conspirator #2 in the original criminal complaint against Raniere].

I love India and I wish her good, but I need to make this clear so you stop using her as a bait for your sick agenda.

As much as India is considered a victim (and considered by a lot [including me] as brainwashed), so was the same for Allison.

Worse, Allison was groomed and abused WAY longer than India!

God knows how many EM [Exploration of Meanings, a Nxivm ‘therapy’ session] and other stupid programs they used to abuse her.

The crazy thing in this case is that everyone who got less abuse than Allison will get an “ooooh pooor thing”, but when it’s about Allison –“Burn the witch.”

If that’s not a double standard, I don’t know what is.

Oh and indeed she was a victim for the last one. But, of course, for your sick twisted mind, she was consenting to this.

The only “fact” you posted was the one about collecting the collateral. The rest is just BS, inventions of yours or stories.

But nothing surprising coming from a clown like you.

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Author: Frank Parlato