#CULTMIND TRUMP: “Welcome Back, Joe!”, NXIVM Trial, Assange Arrest, Drag Que_n P_dos #HUMANPUPPY

4/5: President Trump trolls Biden, NXIVM trial immiment, Assange being handed over for UK arrest, and Brussels bans 5G….

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Nellis AFB, where unmanned drones in Iraq are controlled, had a brief lockdown today:

Shooting scare causes lockdown at Nellis Air Force Base

This is a compelling story from Nellis from December 2018:

POTUS retweets Carpe Donktum Creepy Uncle Joe meme!

Trump Smashes Creepy Joe Biden With Hilarious Video

‘He Gave Me Permission to Touch Him:’ Biden Hugs Kids During Bizarre Event

POTUS to skip White House Correspondents dinner, AGAIN!

‘BORING’: President Trump To Skip The White House Correspondents Dinner

Julian Assange may be expelled from the Ecuadorian embassy within the next 24 hours and face arrest by UK law enforcement. Please contact your Congress reps as well as the American Ambassador to the UK ASAP!!!!


Please contact UK Ambassador Woody Johnson to protest the imminent arrest of Julian Assange:

Vatican Cardinal Sarah condemns replacement migration:

Doug Rutnik, Gillibrand’s father, once worked for NXIVM:

COURT DOCS CONFIRM: Kirsten Gillibrand’s Father Worked For The NXIVM Sex Cult

NXIVM trial begins! Jury selection in progress. Clare Br_nfman, Allison Mack and Keith Raniere to be tried at the end of April:

Here is the latest from the Frank Report:

Clare Bronfman will celebrate 40th birthday in court – with lawyers – as prospective jurors fill out questionnaires

‘Just Because I Fucked Him Doesn’t Mean I Knew He Was Fucked Up’ – Clare Bronfman

Joe Biden Foundation pushing transgender children agenda:

Advisory Council


Two of the Houston drag-queen story hour performers are convicted pedophiles:

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