North Korea, China Leave Us Little Choice but to Build More Missiles


Following the failed United States–North Korea summit in Hanoi, it is now crucial that Washington increases its strategic leverage in Asia by building a new force of ballistic and cruise missiles to deter both North Korean and Chinese nuclear blackmail and aggression.

Just a note about the editing for today’s video. There’s one sentence that comes out the opposite to the way it’s written in the article.
Gina says: “But now that Kim has made a strong play for the U.S.–South Korea alliance that deters Pyongyang”. But the script says “But now that Kim has made a strong play for the dismantling of the U.S.–South Korea alliance that deters Pyongyang” (Note: “dismantling of”).


Written by Rick Fisher

Hosted by @GinaShakespeare

Produced by @EpochTimes


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