President Trump Releases the 2018 National Strategy for Counterterrorism

Muslim militant with black fabric obscuring his head and face can be seen facing away. A rifle is draped over his shoulder.Yesterday, the White House published the National Strategy for Counterterrorism of the United States of America. The Executive Summary sets the landscape that “we remain a nation at war”, but claims that the new strategy will provide a path to victory. In a nod to the nation’s global partners in the fight against terrorism and ISIS, the strategy acknowledges that “America First” does not imply “America alone”. Our international allies and partners have played a key role in mitigating terrorism and increasing international cooperation and safety.

The White House released an accompanying briefing statement as well, which provides a succinct and plainspoken summary of the main principles of the National Strategy for Counterrorism. Some highlights from the press release include the following:

  • President Trump’s strategy focuses on pursuing terrorists to their source; isolating terrorists from their sources of support; modernizing and integrating the United States’ counterterrorism tools; protecting American infrastructure and enhancing resilience; countering terrorist radicalization and recruitment; and strengthening the counterterrorism abilities of our international partners.
  • The new strategy builds on lessons learned from past counterterrorism efforts and offers a new path toward strengthening the security of Americans.
  • The new strategy commits us to expand our partnerships at home and abroad to encourage partners’ assistance in counterterrorism activities, which includes collaborating with our North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Allies and partners.

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