#YEARBOOK: G’town Prep’s C F_rd & Fetus Industry, Ke_th Ellison=Sh_ria Law in DOJ #NOSHARIAAG

#YEARBOOK: G'town Prep's C F_rd & Fetus Industry,  Ke_th Ellison=Sh_ria Law in DOJ #NOSHARIAAG

9/18 Today the Cult of Free Speech broke the news on Christine Blasely Ford’s yearbooks from Georgetown Prep. More importantly is the news of Ford’s ties to the Abortion industry and how that is the tax-payer subsidized industry for bio-tech’s use of fetal tissues and parts. The issue, as always, is money. Meanwhile, we look to the REAL domestic violence to do with the Soros funded MN candidate for Attorney General, Keith Ellison.

Mike Adams exposes Christine Ford’s ties to Big Pharma and the Fetus Industry:

Christine Ford’s SCRIBE yearbooks from Georgetown Prep uncovered by The Cult of Free Speech:

Please follow Laura Loomer on twitter to see her incredible expose on Keith Ellison’s REAL domestic violence:

WHAT? Laura Loomer says AG nominee Keith Ellison DOESN’T have a law license

Keith Ellison CONFRONTED by Laura Loomer About Domestic Violence Allegations

Ihlan Omar married her brother to get him a green card and supports female genital mutliation:

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