#TOMMY R_binson, Rape J_had, Pedo-Terr_rism #FAMILYRIGHTS

#TOMMY R_binson, Rape J_had, Pedo-Terr_rism #FAMILYRIGHTS

9/18 TOMMY ROBINSON is being forced back into court over the same charges in exercising his right to publicize a M_slim ped-ring trial in Leeds 4 months ago. Please ACT to let POTUS and UK Ambassador Woody Johnson know we support Tommy as a hero in the fight to stop Isl_mic pedo-rings in the UK and DO NOT want him locked up again for simply reporting on pedophilia.

Please support the incredible work of cartoonist, Ben Garrison, who’s graphic is shown in the thumbnail to this video:

Please support Tommy Robinson in his activism and legal battles. To learn more:

The Hill reports on Joe B_den’s As You Are Campaign, a stealth step forward to promote state seizure of children from families who do not want their children to “transition”:

Representative Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii came out with a strong statement about the sinister support for Al Q_aeda in Idlib, Syria:

Tulsi Gabbard and Tucker Carlson: US Shielding al-Qaeda in Idlib — But Is Trump’s War Talk A Bluff?

Please support the incredible work being done by Women Against Shariah:

On September 26 You Are Free Radio will launch a weekly show on Steem Punk Radio! Wednesdays 7-9pm EST. More information to come! https://www.steempunkradio.com

Thanks to everyone who support YAFTV! Your amazing comments, engagement, news tips and prayers make this channel GREAT! We ARE Free! Pray for the safety of Tommy Robinson and for all the brave people fighting the institutional corruption that protects pedo-rings world wide.

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Blessings to all of you Freedom Lovers! WE ARE FREE!

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