Sun eclipsed by two massive objects traveling two different directions

The sun was eclipsed by two large objects moving in two different directions this week and NASA is hiding it from the public.

Two massive celestial objects passed in between the sun and NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) telescope on Sept 9 and Sept 10 and they were moving in opposite directions.

The first object was captured by NASA’s SDO on Sept 9 at 20:53:54 UT moving from the upper left of the SDO imagery to the lower right of the frame.

The size of the first object, presumably the moon, can be seen outlined in blue, courtesy of the Blazing Press YouTube channel.

Blazing Press/YouTube

‘When the second object comes by you will see that it is actually smaller,” the video’s narrator said. “Look at the difference in size.”

The second object is noticeably smaller in the SDO imagery than the first which is represented by the outer blue ring in the below image captured Sept 10 at 02:24:52 UT. Look at the drastic size difference. Not to mention, the objects were traveling in opposite directions.

Blazing Press/YouTube

This all comes on the heels of the recent FBI takeover of the National Solar Observatory at Sacramento Peak in New Mexico which currently remains quarantined along with a nearby post office and several homes in the area.

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H/T: @tronictime

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