9/10 On the eve of 9/11, with POTUS declaring September National Preparedness month, the latest Syrian DS operation under way and a United States Governor saying Senator Jo_n M_Cain was “put to death” on CNN last week, we see Trump’s STORM reaching CAT 4, just as Hurricane Florence barrels towards the Southeast. Buckle Up and prep everyone- we have been expecting this!

POTUS declares September National Preparedness Month”

Please support the #WALKAWAY campaign and get to DC on the weekend of October 26 for the march! You can also plan a satellite march in your own town or city that weekend!

You can watch the incredible slip of Governor Kasich saying McCain was “put to death” in his interview with Chris Cuomo on CNN here:

Please view the short video of Senator Lindsey Graham interviewing Judge Brett Kavanaugh regarding domestic enemy combatants:

(Posted by Salomon Pacheco Jr, clipped from CSPAN)

You can see the incredible testimony of Keri Bruno, former nun from the Jesuit run St. Joseph’s Abbey here. Please support the amazing work of Victurus Libertas, an amazing truther and patriot channel:
Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

To learn the latest on the transhumanist agenda:
https://www.gensix.com (Code: ALEX will get you 10% the livestream this weekend, plus last year’s livestream as a free bonus– INCREDIBLE information about the future planned by the biotech Cabal and the end of human autonomy if they succeed)

Seething Frog has been hitting it out of the park this week, folks, please support his amazing YT truther channel!

Thank you to everyone who supports You Are Free TV! Please take the time to do the extra preparations to make sure you and your family and neighbors are prepared for any emergencies that may arise this month. President Trump made the designation of September as preparedness month for a reason and as we watch things heating up significantly as the mid-term elections rapidly approach, it is more important than ever to be awake, alert, active and mindful. Let’s all continue to exercise freedom and discernment in our daily loves and take ample time for prayer, meditation and pausing to breathe and re-center ourselves. This is the time we have been training for all our lives and we ARE up for the job! How blessed are we to live in this time! We Are Free and We, the People, Have a glorious future ahead!

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Until Patreon has resolved the hold on August donations, it is best to go with PayPal donations this week if you can. I will let everyone know when I can confirm that Patreon is current and active. The delay in payout for August is concerning as many truth channels are being defunded in this way in the last several weeks.

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Blessings to all of you Freedom Lovers! WE ARE FREE!

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