#FUHRERBOOK: FB/Congress, HRC/Sandb_rg, Internet ID, Prop_ganda, #BADACTORS

#FUHRERBOOK: FB/Congress, HRC/Sandb_rg, Internet ID, Prop_ganda, #BADACTORS

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Senator Mark Warner (D-VA) held sham hearings with Facebook’s COO, Sheryl Sandberg, who was considered for 2 cabinet positions by Hillary Clinton, and Jack Dorcey, CEO of Twitter. Gulag refused to participate in the voluntary hearings about social media election tampering, “fake news” and “hate” speech. Real censorship and deplatforming of Americans on these platforms was NOT EVEN ADDRESSED. Of course, these players are all just working together to push the agenda forward for total online surveillance, a national internet ID mandate which will lead to the digital ID connecting all of our private affairs, including financial and medical records, in one completely monitored government ID, and social score system (see China).

Sandberg spoke specifically about working with law enforcement and insisting of user-verification for FB accounts who have large audiences.

Meanwhile, this video took many attempts to publish. The recent way of hitching up the process is YT refuses to process YAFTV’s uploaded videos. This is the first video this week that has finally been processed. I had to give up on Tuesday’s video. This will only intensify and YAFTV will be moving to real.video within the next few weeks. I will continue to upload to YT while the transition is under way.

To see Alex Jones confront Marco Rubio outside the Congressional hearing on Wednesday:

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