American diplomats in Cuba were targeted with microwave weaponry

Twenty-one out of nearly three dozen American diplomats and their family members who were reportedly targeted and tortured with ‘ultrasonic weapons’ between late-2016 and August 2017 were, in fact, most likely attacked by some type of microwave weaponry that causes permanent brain damage to victims, according to the study’s lead director Douglas H. Smith.

Authorities have been skeptical exotic weaponry was used to target the diplomats and their family members until now.

“Everybody was relatively skeptical at first,” Center For Brain Injury and Repair University of Pennsylvania Dr. Douglas H. Smith said in a recent interview. “… everyone now agrees there’s something there.”

Viral infections, high-anxiety, painful sounds, muscle pain and other ills are common effects of such weaponry. Not to mention the ‘Voice of God’ weapon that was originally rolled out by the U.S. in the first Gulf war in the 90s.

The objective of the study was to “describe the neurological manifestations that followed exposure to an unknown energy source associated with auditory and sensory phenomena.”

Although at the time of the study’s publication in March of 2018 it was not determined microwave weaponry was used in the attack it is now a major culprit.

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