Zurich’s “Drive-In” Sex-Boxes Branded ‘Success’

Although prostitution has been legal in neutral Switzerland since the 40s, the city of Zurich decided to put an end to the inconveniences the sex industry had caused the residents of the riverfront neighborhoods, where the hookers used to work, in 2012.

Then more than 50% of locals voted for the initiative to build sex facilities, which cost $2 million; they opened a year later in August 2013.

And now, as Sputnik News reports, Zurich city council has told the Swiss news agency SDA that the goals of sex boxes have been fulfilled.

The measure was especially effective for preventing violence against sex workers and human trafficking, as since 2013, not a single case of severe violence has been registered.  

The so-called sex-boxes are one-car garages where prostitutes and clients can meet.

Since their introduction, the drive-ins have been working with a precision of a Swiss clock and even seen some bicycle-friendly improvements lately.

As Sputnik explains, from 20 to 25 women work daily at the facility, which resembles a row of one-car wooden garages. The drive-in has established working hours, according to the information on the web-site of the city council: customers can buy sex there from 7 pm till 3 am from Sunday till Wednesday. Hours of operation from Thursday till Saturday is two hours longer, up to 5 am. 

Apart from car garages, standing boxes can be used now at the facility.

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Author: Tyler Durden

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