Crews covertly removing ‘non-stop flow of toxic dead fish’ from Florida beaches on tractor-trailers


Several popular Florida beaches are now virtually empty and the smell of dead fish has filled the air due to the recent red tide algae bloom which officials say is the worst on record.

The nasty warm water algae bloom has prompted cleaning crews to covertly remove presumably tens-of-thousands of dead fish carcasses via tractor-trailers at Siesta Key Beach and other beaches in recent days in the wee hours.

In fact, the amount of stench so horrid that investigative reporter Dennis Michael Lynch posted a video to his Facebook page on Monday describing just how bad it really is.

“What happens is the clean it up in morning … before anyone comes down and then high tide comes in,” Lynch explains in the video filmed on the scene. “In fact, my son is so sick from the smell that I may actually have to take him to the doctor if he doesn’t start showing me some signs of getting better.”

Siesta Key Beach (Matt Elsberry/Flickr)

Making matters worse, not only fish are washing up. Manatees and other sea creatures have been found as well.

“Check that out, that’s a dead manatee,” Lynch said while filming the carcass covered with flies. “Now they won’t show that to you on the news — they don’t want it — they won’t show it.”

Additionally, Lynch made clear that in no way is he trying to “hurt the businesses” in the area and said that he is just trying to help but did admit “at sunset, there is not a single soul to be found.”

“If we don’t start treating these water better … if we don’t do something soon — that becomes the norm,” he said.

Siesta Key Beach is one of the state’s most premiere beaches and is located on Florida’s west coast in between Tampa and Fort Myers.

Watch the full video here:

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