John W. Huber: The Forgotten “Lone Ranger” Against The Deep State

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With Russian “meddling” stalled in the dead letter office, The New York Times has apparently re-branded itself Floozie Central in its quixotic campaign to unseat the Golden Golem of Greatness by all means necessary.

The Stormy Daniels affair, and its slime-trail of payoffs, is the slender thread that the Resistance hopes to hang Donald Trump on.

The great legal minds of cable TV have been very busy trying to suss out which part of the $130,000 non-disclosure payoff might apply as a campaign financing violation. If Rudy Giuliani still had his wits about him, of course, he would claim that the money was just Ms. Daniel’s going rate for an overnight frolic amongst her legendary twin peaks, that is, a sex worker’s simple transaction fee.

Where does it say in the constitution that a president may not consort with tramps and hussies?

It was hilarious to discover that Mr. Trump’s erstwhile personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, picked DC Swamp attorney and Clinton insider, Lanny Davis, to represent him in negotiations with Special Counsel Robert Mueller. It must be like the old days in the locker room of the Burning Tree Golf Club for Lanny and Bob. They go back at least to the days when the Clintons fended off accusations of issuing pardons to special friends for a $450,000 payoff on Bubba’s last day in office, January 19, 2001. And there must have been a reunion around 2010 on the Uranium One matter, in which a tidy $145-million from Russian Oligarch Central landed in the Clinton Foundation coffers after Madam Secretary Hillary signed onto a go-ahead with the U-1 deal.

Meanwhile, way out in Left Field – Salt Lake City, actually – a forgotten lone ranger named John W. Huber is ostensibly toiling away on a roster of allegations so far ignored by the Mueller team, namely the politicization of the FBI and the Department of Justice, and the actions taken deviously by senior employees there against Mr. Trump during and after the 2016 election.

Mr. Huber was tapped to carry out this assignment by Attorney General Jeff Sessions late in 2017.

Mr. Huber has plenty to work with.

The DOJ Inspector General, Michael Horowitz, has already issued a formal report filled with well-documented findings of lying and leaking among many high officials in FBI and the DOJ. Several of the featured players have already been fired from the agencies or demoted on the basis of those findings: Stzrok, McCabe, Ohr, Page….

The big question is how come none of these characters have been called to testify in front of a grand jury?

The big answer is that a grand jury would have to be convened by the very agency that employed them  – raising a reasonable suspicion of inside baseball in these matters.

One might surmise that AG Sessions gave the commission to Mr. Huber out in the Utah boondocks precisely because he was so far removed from the inside baseball of the DC Swamp. Or maybe it’s just a more convenient new branch of the Dead Letter Office. Nobody knows. I doubt that 99.9 percent of the public, including reporters in the mainstream media, even remember that Mr. Huber is on the case.

A Google search of news for Mr. Huber turns up nothing after about April of this year. That is if you ignore the janky info coming out of a woo-woo website called Qanon, which claims that his office is sitting on thousands of indictments of Deep Staters distributed far-and-wide through the government. Things that sound too good to be true usually are.

The past week was one of triumphal celebration for the Trump-dumpers. Rachel Maddow fell into a multiple orgasm rapture over the Stormy Daniels payoff story and Anderson Cooper almost wet his smallclothes with each disclosure. The DNC made preparations for a November victory dance. Somehow this all seems fitting for the dog days of August, when even millionaire news readers look to get away from the roaring unreality of their jobs.

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Author: Tyler Durden