#GOLDENCROSS P_pe to Resign! LOST BOYS author M_rdered #GENSIX

#GOLDENCROSS  P_pe to Resign! LOST BOYS author M_rdered #GENSIX

Archbishop Vigano calls for the resigination of P_pe Fr_ncis as the last day of The World Meeting of Families comes to end in Dublin Ireland. Meanwhile, Mark M_nnie, co author of THE L_ST BOYS OF B_RD ISLAND was found dead at a South African farm.




UK backed Melema’s response to Trump:

Suidlanders is an organization trying to expose the plan for genocide and land expropriation against white South African farmers:

Please look into UBUNTU, the movement created by Michael Tellinger in South Africa to combat the Globalist Banksters:

Ubuntu Planet – Contributionism – Ubuntu Movement

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