Hawaii Governor: ‘Emergency planners can’t handle direct hit from hurricane’

Hawaii Governor David Ige held a press conference Wednesday where he iterated to local residents and travelers visiting the state that the effects of a direct hit from the approaching Category 5 hurricane could be catastrophic and far beyond the scope of what emergency responders could ever handle.

“A direct hit in any significantly populated area would be far more than any emergency planning can plan for,” the Democratic governor said speaking from Honolulu. “The whole focus in disaster preparedness is helping each family and each individual prepare themselves.”

The governor also said that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is planning ahead by taking “proactive” measures to strategically place food, water, and supplies in specific areas in “all counties statewide” for easy access if Hurricane Lane were to actually make landfall and wreak havoc.

Hurricane Lane reportedly has wind speeds of 155-165 mph.

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Author: Intellihub.com

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