#WITCHHUNT D. Trump Jr. Next Indictment? HRC/DNC/FBI: Informants, Collusion and the Ukraine #CHALUPA

#WITCHHUNT D. Trump Jr. Next Indictment? HRC/DNC/FBI: Informants, Collusion and the Ukraine #CHALUPA

Roger Stone stated today that he has been told by DC insiders that Don Trump Jr. may be the next one indicted by the Mueller witch hunt, for “lying to the FBI!” As if the top officials of the FBI haven’t proven to be the biggest liars of them all! Meanwhile, the real collusion was already accurately reported by POLITICO last March, when they uncovered the plot by HRC, the DNC, with the help of the FBI, to invent the story of Russian collusion after already planting Manafort, Carter Page and other FBI informants in the Trump campaign. These efforts began long before any of the alleged events occurred in the Trump campaign that supposedly led the “need” for a Special Council.

Have a look at Politico’s expose from last March:

You can follow former Breitbart investigative journalist Lee Stranahan on twitter: @stranahan

Here is Linda Sarsour, who claim that Imam Wahhaj is her mentor, telling Western women to give her their money in order to “fight the White Supremacist regime” just days after her mentor’s son was arrested in NM for indoctrinating children into forced jihadist t-ism training and allegedly ritually murdering a 3 year old boy in the underground bunker of the radical Islamic compound that is now being buried with sand to cover the evidence during an active murder, t-ism and cult child abuse investigation.

The property in Dekalb, GA that was said to belong to Sirjan Wahhaj, had three businesses using his address, all of them beginning with the first name Jihad!
Here is Jihad Watch’s report on the bull dozing of the NM Jihad training compound:

Authorities bulldoze New Mexico jihad compound, leave ammo, paperwork behind

Let’s all pray for the dispersal of the dangerous hurricane said to hit the Big Island of Hawaii tomorrow morning. Our resonance in prayer can help change the course of this destructive force, which is most likely the product of weather warfare.

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