Trump’s $1 Trillion Deficits Are Just As Harmful As Obama’s


If you hear leftists tell it, Obama’s $1 trillion deficits helped the economy while Trump’s are hurting it. If you hear righties tell it, Trump’s $1 trillion deficits helped the economy while Obama’s hurt it. In truth, both narcissists’ trillion dollar deficits have aided and increased the likelihood of a global economic collapse.

The fact of the matter is, the interest rate doesn’t care what the borrowed money was spent on, only that it gets paid back in a larger amount than what was borrowed, and with interest rates slowly creeping upward, the strain on the economy is only compounding. Plus, the entire system was built in a way to take from those at the bottom and funnel money to the political elites. It isn’t that difficult to figure out, but the geniuses who can’t stop voting have literally no idea that by giving people the power to steal from them, those in power will eventually cause an economic depression so vast it will epic.

Though no one in Washington will admit it, our nation’s finances are in deep trouble, and many in the media and financial experts have been sounding the alarm. Spending is up, revenues (thefts) are down, and this will only get worse. The problem isn’t solely one that the US has earned. Most countries have a spending problem. In fact, global debt has topped $250 trillion making this problem impossible to escape.

“It is all about taking money from us and transferring it into government pockets. And then, taking money from government pockets, and transferring it into the hands of the elite. It’s a game that’s been going on for generations and its time for the humanity to say that ‘enough is enough’.” -Epic Economist

All of this is being missed by those who report on the “issue” because they are stuck in the left/right paradigm of whom to blame. Was is Trump? Or Obama? Too bad most cannot shake off their indoctrination and realize both of those knuckleheads are to blame, along with everyone who voted for either. You see, the left says Obama’s deficits were fine because we were in a depression. We can assure you that the economy doesn’t give a damn. The right will say that Trump’s deficits were fine because the government is now stealing less from them. Again, the interest rate really couldn’t care less who, what, or why the excess money was spent, only that it was.  And Washington has a notorious spending habit that cannot be cured.  

The problem is that the masses are highly addicted to government, so reigning in spending isn’t an option. The only other option is to advocate for the theft of others, hoping that somehow, you’re safe from that act of aggression.

It isn’t just Trump. It isn’t just Obama. The problem is now, and always has been, and will be until people can wrap their heads around the idea that they were meant to be free to do with their money as they please, the governments of the world who assume and imagine authority over entire swaths of people and destroy their ability to provide for themselves.

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