Recent Ring of Fire earthquake swarms prompt fears of ‘big one’

A total of 69 earthquakes rocked the Ring of Fire over a 48-hour span on Sunday and Monday prompting fears a ‘big one’ on the West Coast could be brewing.

To make matters worse, sixteen of the sixty-nine earthquakes were above 4.5 magnitudes.

From Daily Mail:

The quakes rattled Indonesia, Bolivia, Japan and Fiji, but failed to reach the western coast of the United States, which also falls along the infamous geological ring.

The tremors have raised concerns that California’s ‘Big One’ – a destructive earthquake of magnitude 8 or greater – may be looming.

Scientists have previously warned that Ring of Fire activity may trigger a domino effect that sets off earthquakes and volcanic eruptions elsewhere in the region.

Will the ‘big one’ will strike the West Coast anytime soon?

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