Powerful 7.0 Earthquake Strikes Venezuela

A powerful 7.0 earthquake struck Sucre, Venezuela on Tuesday according to the USGS.

Initial damage reports are rolling in, however according to  tracking organization EMSC-CSEMresidents hundreds of miles away reported “Unbelievably long and strong quake. Worst I ever felt. Must have lasted about 2 minutes.” 

Another person said” “He’ll of a shake. The house and car rocked for 20sec or more.”

A resident of Christchurch, Barbedos – 280 miles away wrote: “Heard drapes moving n then felt bed gently moving. It was very very gentle. But I felt it. Christ church Barbados.”

A resident of Georgetown, Guyana 420 miles away reported: “Came suddenly and increased in intensity..was in my room studying and my lamp and shelf started to shake..it was felt by everyone..lasted for 3 minutes”

The quake comes as Venezuela conducted a 95% devuation of its currency over the weekend amid an economic crisis.


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Author: Tyler Durden

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