Israel Shoots Down Syrian Fighter Jet

Israel has shot down a Syrian fighter jet that penetrated Israeli airspace on Tuesday, the Israeli army said.  According to the IDF spokesperson, the Russian-made Sukhoi was under surveillance when it entered some two kilometers into Israeli airspace and was shot down by two Patriot missiles.   

Earlier, Israel’s missile defense systems were activated as sirens went off in Israeli communities across the Golan Heights, near the Syria border Haaretz reported.

Residents in northern Israel reported seeing interceptor missiles being fired from the Safed area, and that explosions were heard.

Smoke trails in the Golan Heights, July 24 2018Elimelech

On Monday, Israel used its David’s Sling missile-defense system operationally for the first time, firing at two Syrian surface-to-surface missiles. An initial army investigation found that the system identified the two Russian-made SS-21 missiles, calculating that they were likely to land south of Lake Kinneret. An Israeli lieutenant colonel made the decision to use the system.

The investigators found that one of the missiles fired Monday changed course in flight and was expected to fall in Syria. One interceptor missile was therefore ordered to self-destruct. Israel also launched an interceptor missile at the second Syrian rocket, but it is unclear if it hit its target.

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Author: Tyler Durden