Bill Maher: Trump Is The Most “Aggressively Stupid” President In US History

Bill Maher, the host of HBO’s Real Time, has released a new standup special – and, as one might expect, it features more than a few jokes at President Trump’s expense. While the US has had presidents in the past who were “stupid”, the country has never had a leader who is as “aggressively stupid” as Trump, Maher joked.

“We’ve had dumbass presidents, but we’ve never had one like this that is so aggressively stupid,” Maher said. Trump “takes pride that you cannot get information into his head.”

Maher joked that the president “takes pride that you cannot get information into his head.”

“He will insist like, that the stealth bomber is literally invisible. Or there’s such a thing as clean coal. Or that global warming is a hoax because it snows in the winter,” Maher said. “It’s like saying the sun isn’t real because last night it got dark,” he said.

Watch the clip below:

Maher was criticized last month when he said on his HBO show that he’s “hoping” for an economic disaster (exposing just how desperate some of Trump’s political opponents are for a victory) so that the ensuing recession would help blunt President Trump’s popularity (which has climbed since his inauguration) and result in him being voted out of office in 2020. Of course, Maher says nothing about Trump’s many accomplishments since taking office (negotiating a possible peace deal with North Korea and boosting economic growth). Recently, even the New York Times admitted that Trump “got from NATO everything Obama ever asked for.” Which begs the question: If Trump is an idiot, what does that make Obama?

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Author: Tyler Durden

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