“Fed Up Populace” Warns San Franciscans “Watch Your Backs… For Homeless People”

An anonymous San Francisco resident took out a full-page ad in the San Francisco Chronicle Friday claiming an encounter with a homeless man at a Neiman Marcus cafe left her feeling “horrified.” 

The ad first noted by Business Insider reads “WATCH YOUR BACKS — NOBODY ELSE IS ….as if stepping over used syringes and filth in Maiden Lane wasn’t bad enough….” 

The woman then goes on to detail the incident in which she says that a “psychotic homeless person” was opening and closing scissors “erratically” behind her which made her fear for her safety while trying to enjoy her lunch. 

“Over my right shoulder and behind me I noticed a youngish homeless man acting silent, strange and trying to peer over the food counter. It struck me how out of context this was… 

…I turned around and saw this homeless person wielding a large pair of SCISSORS that he was opening and closing erratically, previously behind my back!…

…While waiting for security, this psychotic homeless person took a glass of water and walked out of the door onto Geary St. wielding the scissors.” 

The ad claims to have been paid for by the “Fed Up Populace Campaign.” However, it doesn’t appear to have an online prescence whatsoever. 

In short; A rich woman was frightened by homeless man at a Neiman Marcus, then took out a full-page ad in the local paper to alert people to watch their backs. 

And while the plight of a sheltered rich woman may not garner much sympathy from some, San Francisco has fallen into absolute squalor as homeless people roam around – littering the streets with mountains of trash, bags of shit and syringes. 

A few recent headlines from the past few months: 


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Author: Tyler Durden

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