A few more notes of people and things in Clifton Park and Mexico

Halfmoon — Within 24 hours of reporting that Allison Mack has had her BMW parked by the pool in Knox Woods for months, it is no longer parked at the pool. It’s gone from sight.

Lauren Salzman may be in town because she had boxes of “Chewy” on her porch, presumably for her hairless cat. Who will take care of that cat when she and her mother are trundled off to Brooklyn is hard to answer at this moment. Maybe she is laying up a store of cat food for she knows the poor cat will need it when she heads off to prison..

Karen Unterreiner is in town, presumably waiting to be arrested. She will be wise not to flee — look what happened to her Vanguard – the man for whom she procured underage teens for his sexual pleasures. He fled to Mexico and now sits in a federal prison – having been denied bail.  Because Karen long ago aged out of the harem, she was not invited to be on hand in Mexico – despite her ability to procure

A source tells me that a child may have died because of Keith Raniere’s doings. This may be part of the investigatory trail. But I am not surprised.  After all, Keith said he had people killed for his beliefs. Children are people.

Lauren Salzman with her cat.

Part of the ongoing investigation clearly includes Emiliano Salinas and his criminal partner, Alejandro Betancourt – who both joined Clare Bronfman and Keith Raniere to falsely charge Toni Zarratini and tried to lure Toni Natalie, Barb Bouchey, Susan Dones and Kim Woolhouse to Mexico under false pretenses to murder or falsely imprison them.

I called Emiliano’s mother before the New York Times story came out – and urged her to tell her son to call me – or to try to persuade her son to get out. She listened gracefully, then told me that her son knew what he was doing.

Very sad. For the mother – the former first lady of Mexico – is now likely to be bereft of her son’s company for many years to come.

The fact that law enforcement is working on this case around the clock leads me to believe that this is coming to a head and we may very well see indictments for the vicious cult members on or before July 25th – the day Allison Mack and Keith Raniere are next due in court at the Eastern District of NY federal courthouse in Brooklyn New York.

Ah, Executive Success…the learning never stops!

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