Watch Live: Deputy AG Holds Press Conference As New Indictments Expected

Update: Right on cue, the leaks about today’s announcement have hit with minutes to spare before Rosie takes the stage. CNN is reporting that new indictments in the Mueller probe are expected to be handed down today.


A senior DOJ official has apparently confirmed that the press conference will be “special counsel” related.

Rosenstein also timed his press conference to upstage President Trump’s meeting with the Queen.

If accurate, the timing is certainly well-choreographed, given Trump’s summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin next week.

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It’s Friday the 13th and Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein has cryptically revealed that he will be holding a press conference at 11:45 am ET for a “law enforcement announcement.” Since deputy attorney generals don’t typically call their own press conferences, it’s probable that today’s briefing has something to do with the Mueller probe.

Unsurprisingly, the first question on everybody’s tongue is “who’s going to be indicted today?”


And with good reason: The special counsel and Rosenstein haveissued indictments on a Friday before (though Mueller’s name wasn’t included on the Department of Justice’s list of attendees and it doesn’t appear that he will be joining his boss for the announcement).

But given Peter Strzok’s chaotic Congressional testimony on Wednesday, it’s possible that could also be the subject.

Perhaps the biggest question on observers minds is whether today’s conference has anything to do with former Trump attorney Michael Cohen, who has reportedly been meeting with prosecutors in recent weeks about possibly striking a cooperation deal in exchange for testimony against Trump.

It’s possible the subject of the announcement will leak in the minutes before the press conference begins. Though Mueller has managed to keep recent indictments (including the indictments of Russian entities suspected of interfering in the US election) under wraps (not to presume that the announcement will be an indictment).

For all we know, Rosenstein could be preparing to announce his resignation.

Watch the press conference live below:

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Author: Tyler Durden

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