White Man Stops Black Doctor From Entering Her Gated Community — This Is Madness!

Dr. Nnenna Aguocha was stopped from entering her gated community by a man who swore up and down she didn’t live there.

Can you imagine being stopped from entering your gated community by a person because they don’t think you belong there because of your color of skin? That’s what happened in this situation when this doctor was stopped from entering her property.

I don’t understand what’s happening in today’s society but I can tell you this, there’re some sick people in the world needs to be put away for a long time.

Here’s one that would get you angry, the man doesn’t even live in the community he was protecting. He claimed there were some burglaries in the area? According to The Root, the president of the Homeowners Association said he had no knowledge or burglaries in the area, so where in the hell did he get that from?

Source: The Root

Dr. Nnenna Aguocha captured some of the encounter on camera. According to WXIA-TV, the good doctor was trying to enter the Buckhead Townhome community in Atlanta when another property owner blocked her at the gate entrance, parking his vehicle under the gate arm and refusing to move forward to let her in despite her requests, a police report shows.

“He got out of the car and threatened to call the police on me because I was trespassing,” Aguocha narrated in the recording of the incident. “This is racial profiling at its finest.”

The man apparently told officers that he was trying to protect his community after the theft of some air conditioners in the area. But Aguocha isn’t buying that (and neither am I).

“I absolutely think it was racially motivated,” Aguocha told the news station as she broke into tears. “When this altercation was going on, what went through my mind was this guy could do absolutely anything to me. He could shoot me dead on the spot because he was trying to protect the neighborhood and the property, and people would make up stories later.”

This is ridiculous and unacceptable. The doctor even had a key to open up the gate!!

I hope and pray that they bring to the fullest extent of the law to this racist, ignorant man, whatever consequences that maybe I hope that they utilize it. Once again, this is ridiculous, and it’s just getting out of hand.

I would have called the police and let them know a man is harassing a community tenant and blocking her from getting into the gated community where I live. I would have also called the security company in charge of the unmanned gate. I hope she sues him broke.

How would you have handled this incident? SOUND OFF in the comment section below.

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