#NATOTALED + NY: Trash Murder, Seth R, Rod/Mueller, Kavanaugh #GODFATHERSQUAD

#NATOTALED + NY: Trash Murder, Seth R, Rod/Mueller, Kavanaugh #GODFATHERSQUAD

7/11 The gruesome murder of a woman at the Abedin/Weiner building in Union Square, NYC may be a threat to the new Seth R_ch witness who is detailing DEA and ATF involvement. Q team traces it back to RR. Things are going full mafia on the street as President Trump ditches his tea cup at the NATO luncheon and tells Merkel to pay up. We are watching the gigantic shift of allies on the world stage as the Globalist Cabal is being defeated. Let’s do our part by dumping the Swamp Creatures with our votes, our demand for paper ballots and our actions out on the streets to show the media that we stand together with POTUS, #MAGA, and The Great Awakening! #WALK AWAY!

Gateway Pundit reporting on the Seth Rich INFO Release:

POTUS slams Germany’s Merkel for sucking American Taxpayers dry:

For an excellent run down on the jobs growth over the last 3 months:
June Jobs Report: 213,000 Jobs Added, Economy Expanding, Blue Collar Gains Most Substantive…

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