Larry Shea:  A Sense of Community

By Larry Shea

Frank Parlato Jr., with the help of some incredibly strong women, Toni Natalie, Barbara Bouchey, and Catherine Oxenberg (among many others), has been the driving force that has brought the NXIVM cult to its knees. Keith Raniere, the leader of this dangerous cult is in jail awaiting trial largely because of the unwavering perseverance and the Herculean effort of Frank Parlato Jr. Frank continues to fight the good fight against other NXIVM principals, such as Clare Bronfman, Nancy Salzman, Allison Mack, Emiliano Salinas, and many others through his Frank Report and Artvoice.

Some of the readers of these websites have thrown their lot in with Frank Parlato Jr. because we desire to see justice done for all the victims of this cult. Our goal is to see the proper authorities close-down all the Rainbow Cultural Garden facilities, put an end to all the recruitment by NXIVM & its affiliates, and, especially, to end all the human trafficking done by this group for sex and forced labor. Overall, our goal is to see all the principals involved in the NXIVM group and its affiliates, as well as those who are, or were, in charge of day-to-day operations, prosecuted for the crimes for which they are responsible. We won’t be satisfied until the proper authorities have completely stopped the NXIVM cult from exploiting the public anywhere in the world. This is what I believe our community is or should be about.

However, recently a brazen spinner of lies, in the person of Benjamin N. Szemkus, has come into the midst of our community. He has brought along with him a swarm of harmful energy-sucking leeches. Ben Szemkus and his nasty crew of lewd, crude, and rude disrupters and deceivers have created nothing but chaos on the Frank Report. These low-lives have done nothing to advance the goals that I have mentioned above. In fact, they have behaved like a pack of uncouth and unwelcome skunks. Ben Szemkus and his ignorant supporters have diminished and polluted our community and have made it look ridiculous with their obscenities, their vulgarities, and their bullying. They have not offered any real support for the above-mentioned goals. On the contrary, Lyin’ Ben Szemkus and his squad of goons have been a huge diversion and distraction away these stated goals.

Clare Bronfman could not have done a better job of sowing dissension and distraction in our midst. Our community has had enough of these lying and bullying parasites. All of these unwelcome leeches should go back to their pathetic little lives of desperation and leave us the hell alone!

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