Americans In UK Urged To Keep “Low Profile” During Trump Visit

The US Embassy in London issued a notice on Tuesday warning Americans living in the city to keep a “low profile” during President Trump’s visit later this week following a NATO summit, as expected protests may turn violent. 

“Numerous demonstrations are being planned for July 12 to 14, 2018, surrounding the visit of the President of the United States to the United Kingdom,” the U.S. embassy said in the alert on its website. 

Trump will hold talks with beleaguered Prime Minister Theresa May at her 16th-century manor house, meet Queen Elizabeth at Windsor Castle and visit the home of Winston Churchill for a black-tie dinner; all outside of London. 

The U.S. president is also due to travel to Scotland where he owns two golf courses and Scotland’s interim police chief has said more than 5,000 officers would be needed for to cover the trip, including specialist riot and armed officers. –Reuters

Meanwhile, over 50,000 protesters have signed up to participate in various demonstrations during his visit – including a plan to fly a $23,000 “baby Trump” blimp over parliament after its approval by London Mayor Sadiq Kahn.

And while Nigel Farage called “a disgrace,” Trump supporters promptly deemed the blimp to be awesome: 

Others noted that the UK has other issues to contend with: 

And while Trump supporters love the President’s blunt, unfiltered style – many Britons are turned off by the New York billionaire’s bravado. 

While Britain regards the United States as its closest ally, some Britons see Trump as crude, volatile and opposed to their values on a range of issues. His comments on militant attacks in Britain and his re-tweeting of anti-Muslim videos posted by a leader of a far-right UK party sparked anger. –Reuters

Workmen constructed barriers and roadblocks around the US ambassador’s residence in Regent’s park in London. 

“Several of the events are expected to attract large crowds and there will be road closures in connection with those events,” said the embassy on its website.

Ahead of his European trip, Trump said that Britain was currently “in somewhat turmoil” as Prime Minister May deals with the fallout from the latest cabinet crisis after two top ministers quit to protest her plans for post-Brexit trade policy with the EU next March. 

“I have NATO, I have the UK, which is in somewhat turmoil, and I have (Vladimir Putin),” Trump said as he set off on his trip to Europe which includes a meeting with the Russian President in the Finnish capital Helsinki. –Reuters

Here he comes, Britain:

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Author: Tyler Durden

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