STICK TO YOUR GUNS: National Liberty Alliance DEFENDS The #2nd, Sues NY State #CONSTITUTION

STICK TO YOUR GUNS: National Liberty Alliance DEFENDS The #2nd, Sues NY State #CONSTITUTION

This past weekend, a woman working at a Milwaukee restaurant was able to fend off an attacker who entered the kitchen and assaulted her co-worker. She did this by wielding her concealed-carry fire arm. This interview with National Liberty Alliance, conducted several weeks ago, discusses their lawsuit against Governor Cuomo and the Congress Members of New York, who have passed the New York Safe Act, which tries to take the registration of guns away from the Sheriffs and instead place it with the State Police, which is the necessary step for ushering in the United Nations plan to confiscate small fire arms.

Please support the National Liberty Alliance!! They offer free classes on the Constitution and Declaration of Independence and are educating the Republic about Common Law, the Law of the Land in our United States.

You can log on to the NLA website and get the call-in number for their free Monday night call from 9pm-mid-night EST. Experts on the Constitution and Common Law are giving excellent lessons every Monday pm– all for free! Tonight, with the new SCOTUS pick, I bet they are having a look at that!

Also, for $5 a month, you can help NLA fund their incredible projects across the country to establish Common Law Grand Juries to take the deep state criminals in the Republic to task and to return to the rule of Natural Law per our Constitution. You will also then be eligible for the NLA’s new course: Government By Consent!! THEY NEED YOU, FREEDOM LOVERS! NOW is the time to be ACTIVE in your own FREEDOM and the RESTORATION OF THE REPUBLIC!

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