German Offers View of American NXIVM Cult

Correspondence I received from a German man. I think his perspective on America and NXIVM is interesting.

By Carl Berthold

Congrats this is a great article.  [see Reader asks about taking law in his own hands – and questions which ‘pedos roam free’]  You may continue in this direction listing how many attempts have been done in the past to try to turn in Kieth Raniere and his gang but was hitting deaf law enforcement ears.

Here is your chance to challenge the legal system in this country. They shut down Craigslists and fighting prostitution. They go after teachers for improper student relationships spending tons of taxpayers $s but let go wealthy sisters funding a bizarre cult abusing kids and young adults under the cover of a cult, wasting time of the legal system for odd lawsuits. A list of lawsuits brought out by the Bronfman going nowhere would be great based in your huge insider knowledge. First of all the court should clear your case being at no grounds going by now for years.

It is completely out of line for law enforcement to let go unindicted the Bronfmans, Nancy, the doctors executing branding and mental tests and let the medical institutions deal with those sick physicians.

The Bronfmans are a prime case how money can buy justice in your country.

Harvey Wienstien is indicted for grabbing girls on the bud who are hoping for a career in the show business. But the Bronfmans running free to fund a system to organize a sex cult.

Well it may be so in a country where a president can have sex in the White House and is reelected and the current one is paying big $ to f… a porn star where the money paid is not for prostitution but silencing the person who obviously did it in consent which is prostitution…  a president engaging in prostitution … perfect headlines…

Frank… make America great again

I don’t get: they shut down Craigslist but keep Nxvim website open after all. even the Rainbow Cultural Garden is still up and innocent people can enroll for it. They seized $500k cash and IRS doesn’t care for tax fraud?

Where is justice for money laundering?

The Bronfmans’ tax returns might be a wealth of information expensing cost who are not related to their business engaging in the biggest tax evading scheme.  And still travel around in a private jet.

Look it up and ground it

Image result for clare and sara bronfman private jet
Want to view creepy? Look at the lass on the right. Want to have a peak at vacant? See girl left. Photo Courtesy Albany Times Union.


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