Creating Dystopia: The Greatest Threats Humanity Faces

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Be Afraid…

Since robots first taking over industrial manufacturing, people have worried that they’ll replace us. But now, with the explosion of artificial intelligence applications, our jobs are more under threat than ever before.

Automated technology monitors and control production and manufacturing. Drones and driverless cars are taking over transportation and delivery services. Artificial intelligence acts as a personal assistant within our phones and devices, and controls smart home automation with the internet of things.

By 2030, between 75 million and 375 millions could be automated. As automation takes away the jobs of up to 14% of the workforce, and consolidates resources, massive economic inequality could result.

Beyond our jobs, autonomous technology is growing in military applications as well. More than 30 nations are developing, or already have, armed drones. In January 2015, over 100 founders and CEOs of A.I. and robotics companies signed an open letter stating their concern over the use of autonomous technology for warfare.

The United States Navy uses drone swarms, which fire 30 autonomous drones to jam radar and draw away fire. Meanwhile, DARPA is funding research to create and Energetically Autonomous Tactical Robot (EATR) that will be able to create its own fuel from biomass.

Read this infographic to learn about other threats to humanity:


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