Bookstore Owners Calls Cops On Woman Who Confronted Bannon

The owner of a Richmond, VA bookstore says he called the cops on Saturday after a woman confronted and berated former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon – calling him a “piece of trash,” according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch, which noted that Bannon grew up in Richmond. 

Nick Cooke, owner of Black Swan Books called police around 3:15 p.m. to report “someone yelling at a political figure in the bookstore.” Richmond police confirmed the call to the Dispatch

“Steve Bannon was simply standing, looking at books, minding his own business. I asked her to leave, and she wouldn’t. And I said, ‘I’m going to call the police if you don’t,’ and I went to call the police and she left,” Cooke said. “And that’s the end of the story.”

Cooke told the Dispatch: “We are a bookshop. Bookshops are all about ideas and tolerating different opinions and not about verbally assaulting somebody, which is what was happening.

One wonders if Cooke can next look forward to angry protests outside his bookstore after defending Bannon.

The Saturday confrontation marks the latest in a spate of incidents in which pro-Trump individuals have been harassed by angry liberals, which has accelerated since Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) openly called for liberals to harass Trump supporters. 

In June, demonstrators confronted Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen at a Mexican restaurant in Washington, D.C., and the owner of the Red Hen, a restaurant in Lexington, declined to serve White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

This past Monday, a woman with her 2-year-old son confronted Trump’s now former Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt in a D.C. restaurant and urged him to resign. Trump said Thursday that he had accepted his scandal-plagued EPA chief’s resignation. –Richmond Times-Dispatch

Protesters with the Democratic Socialists of America – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s party also showed up at Nielsen’s Alexandria townhouse.

Meanwhile, White House adviser Stephen Miller – largely credited with pushing President Trump’s “zero tolerance” immigration policy of arresting and processing those entering the U.S. illegally – was heckled at a Mexican restaurant two days before Nielsen was harassed. 

In Early June, photos of “caged children” in ICE detention centers which happened under Obama went viral – but by the time anyone pointed that out, the outrage machine was already in full swing. 

Largely ignored was the fact that Trump is merely enforcing laws created under Bill Clinton and strengthened under Bush II – while Obama separated migrant families all the time and is being sued for keeping children in brutal conditions. Making matters worse was a fake news picture of a crying “separated migrant child” who was never actually separated from her parents. 

Meawhile back in Richmond, Cook would not speak to whether he has a personal relationship with Bannon – only describing the former White House adviser as “a private person in my bookshop.” Meanwhile, some in social media wasted no time in trotting out the “N” word. 

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Author: Tyler Durden

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