Raniere Is Gone – And His Houses, Offices Are Being Neglected

3 Flintlock Lane, the one and only asset owned by Keith Raniere – well, at least the only one that he actually had in his name – seems to be empty.

He and Karen Unterreiner own it together – and, typical of Raniere, he and Karen allowed the mortgage to go into default at one point – during the same period he was spending millions of Bronfman money on lawsuits against enemies and having Nancy Salzman buy him a $90,000 grand piano for his sex lair at 8 Hale Court.

But it always had been occupied – until now.

Meantime, Raniere is in lockup in federal prison – and his long-time pimp woman, Karen, no longer seems to be living at their long-time joint residence.

Raniere’s new home.

Karen may have moved over to 2 Flintlock Lane [above garage on left] – but 3 Flintlock Lane  [right] has the curtains open – uncharacteristically – and now seems uninhabited. A U-Haul box appears plainly in the opened-curtained window.

A few years ago, Raniere left 3 Flintlock Lane – leaving Karen there – and went with Mariana Fernandez and Pam Cafritz to 21 Oregon Trial, a home owned by Rosa Laura Junco.

That home too is empty. Pam is dead and Mariana went with baby Kemar [Keith and her child] to Monterrey.

At the front door of 21 Oregon Trial is a sign with a phone number for people to call who might want to access the property – people such as the FBI.

I called the number, however, and it was disconnected.

Even the backyard pool – appears not have been used lately and things are not quite the same –  without Vanguard.

It was the same at NXIVM Headquarters at 455 New Karner  – empty.

Sadly – if you look closely – at the screw hole at the bottom of the reserved parking sign for Nancy – the screw has come out and her sign is crooked. Won’t somebody from NXIVM come fix that? If Nancy shows up – prior to her impending arrest – imagine how lacking in proper tribute a crooked sign will appear to her.

This earlier photo shows the priceless [patented] sashes hanging lonesome on the walls of the New Karner  headquarters – with not a soul to wear them proudly. Now, it turns out that even these have been removed – symbolic perhaps of the grim fact that no one will ever wear them again – although many who once wore orange sashes will be soon wearing orange jump suits.

When Frank Report went to Apropos it was empty – not a creature was stirring, not even a Prefect. 

The lovely portrait of Sir Keith Raniere – sketched by Michelle Sazlman – is gone. Hopefully, no one stole the priceless work of art.
Raniere inside the police vehicle which took him from Mexico to Texas where he was arraigned.

Indeed, Vanguard is gone and forgot to say goodbye to his creditors.

Keith Raniere is the founder of the NXIVM sex-slaver cult – and all its criminal offshoots.

Keith Raniere Household Bank Judgment

Keith Raniere NYS State Tax Lien

Keith Raniere Unpaid Student Loan

Keith Raniere Judgement 

Keith Raniere Judgment Notice First Select

Keith Raniere Home Owners Association Judgement

Keith Raniere Notice First Select Credit Card Judgment

Keith Raniere House Foreclosure Docs

Keith Raniere Mortgage Foreclosure Document

He who leaves the most unpaid bills wins! Viva Executive Success!


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