NIXVM: Transcript of Interview with Neighbor Who Claims Allison Mack Molested 8 Year Old Girl

Without disclosing his identity, the Know Woods neighbor who said he saw Allison Mack molest an 8 year old girl knowingly did a taped and filmed interview with me, on-the-record, and was not compensated, in any way, for doing so.

Once again, I’ll remind you that we do not know Allison’s side of the story.

For those who blast me for daring to publish this results of the interview, kindly keep in mind that Allison Mack gave Keith Raniere “collateral” that included a letter claiming her nephew was sexually molested.

So please – all you screamers – calm down a bit – and let us simply listen to what the neighbor said:

Here is a partial transcript of his on-the-record comments:

Frank: Allison was trying to interview an 8 or 9 year old girl who was trying to be a gymnast?

Neighbor: Yes. She even told me I should get into doing a blog. That’s what she was doing with the girl – a video blog.

F: Allison?

N: Yeah.

F: And she wanted to video tape this girl?

N: Yeah. She was video taping the girl…. The girl was doing these little gymnast things.

F: Did you think it was suspicious at all?

N: It was creepy. Very creepy.

F: That is very creepy because you know Keith Raniere had a predilection for little girls.

N: I saw her feel the 8 year old up.

F: Whoa!…  Could you say that again? You saw her feel the 8 year girl old up?

N: Yes.

F: Where were you?

N: We were up off of Independence.  She was up on —-. and they were sitting there and I was walking [with his dog] and we were coming back and I was wondering what she was doing. I did not know who she was at the time. I did not know who she was until November and then I was like, ‘Oh that’s who that girl is.’ But they were sitting there and I just said “Hi” and … I went up to to be nice to them . We started talking and she was trying to quick-end the conversation so she could get back to what she was doing.

F: With this 8 year old?

N: Yeah, And at one point she was next to the 8 year old and she turned around and went like that up the girl’s chest.

F: Allison?

N: Allison did that, yeah.

F: Maybe she’s a perv too.

N: Yeah, she is obviously.

F: Could you have been mistaken? Could it have been a push or friendly playful thing?

N: It didn’t look like that

F: Why didn’t you call the police?

[He explained how he had a bad experience once before on an unrelated matter involving adults when he called the police to report a crime and the police were not friendly and almost tried to turn it around on him.  I certainly could not argue too hard against this, since this is especially true for whistle-blowers against NXIVM.- they are the ones who get into trouble.]

What will Allison Mack not do for her Raniere?


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