The Seth Rich Investigation – JUSTICE Part 5

Monday, June 25, 2018

The History

  • November 30th, 2011 —  law enforcement agents begin making drug purchases from the Silk Road Market (the name taken from the historical version-HERE), also known as the Amazon of the Dark Web.
  • April 01, 2012 — Undercover agent based in Maryland poses as a drug dealer and establishes a long term relationship with site owner, Ross Ulbrict, also known as Dread Pirate Roberts. The relationship would last well into 2013 when the Silk Road Market was finally brought down.
  • October 1st, 2013 —  Maryland issues the first indictment against Ross Ulbrict. He is arrested in a San Francisco library and extradited to New York where the majority of the investigation was centered.
  • October 25, 2013 —  a Bitcoin wallet belonging to Ulbrict sees a drop of 36 000 Bitcoins (BTC). With the help of an anonymous FBI source, Forbes breaks the story of Feds seizing 144 000 BTC from Ulbrict’s wallet. (Updated from original article)
  • February 7th, 2014 —  Ross Ulbrict enters a plea of not guilty. Ulbrict’s trial is adjourned until January of 2015.
  • Additional reading on the Silk Road Market:
Silk Road Timeline. (2014) —  CoinDesk
The Rise and Fall of Silk Road, the Dark Web’s Amazon —  Newsweek
How the Feds Took Down the Silk Road Drug Wonderland — WIRED

In February of 2015, Ross Ulbrict is convicted of seven charges including narcotics trafficking conspiracy and money laundering.

It was a simple tip from a reader of the Gawker article on the Silk Road Market to Baltimore DHS which led to…

a multi-agency task force based in Baltimore — dubbed “Marco Polo” in reference to the drug market’s historical namesake — that eventually included investigators from the FBI, DEA, DHS, the IRS, U.S. Postal Inspection, U.S. Secret Service, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. –Wired Magazine

Baltimore’s role in the take down of the Silk Road Market involved some of the more covert investigative work, quietly taking down insiders and flipping them as informants. Their first target was Jacob Theodore George IV who was recruited approximately six months after the operation began.

After Ulbrict’s capture, Maryland U.S. Attorney, Rod J. Rosenstein announced George’s sentence of six years for conspiracy to distribute narcotics.

Rosenstein recognized his counterparts in New York, Preet Bhaara and Zach Fardon for their parts in the investigation.

The end of the Silk Road market is only the beginning of our story. Although Rosenstein was successful with his role in the take down, he was left with accusations against two Maryland federal agents for using their undercover positions to line their own pockets during the investigation.

Carl Mark Force IV, a 15 year veteran agent with the Drug Enforcement Agency, and Shaun W. Bridges, a computer forensics expert with the Secret Service, faced charges of money theft, laundering, and wire fraud amongst others. The two had operated independent and unbeknownst to each other according to Force’s partner, Joesph Rosati.

Although there are articles documenting the arrests and charges of both men, the plea dealings with Rosenstein are limited and scarce.

Rod Rosenstein was one of only three of 93 Bush appointed U.S. attorney holdovers in Barack Obama’s new administration. The Republican attorney had a stellar record in Maryland, lowering the murder rate and cracking down on the corrupt law enforcement problems plaguing the state.

Rosenstein’s success with Silk Road, along with having one of the only successful *Whitewater prosecutions (conviction of former Arkansas Governor Jim Guy and Clinton associates James and Susan McDougal), were factors in Barack Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder Jr., appointing him to investigate the serious problem of recently leaked intelligence and classified information in D.C.

*Rosenstein had interviewed Hillary Clinton at that time on an allegedly separate matter but was not prosecuted.

Rosenstein’s official interview with Hillary Clinton lasted fifteen minutes and cleared her of charges stemming from the seizing of FBI documents on the former Clinton White House travel director. — Big League Politics from the article Rod Rosenstein Submitted False Documents To Senate Concerning His Interrogation of Hillary Clinton (May 17, 2018)

As Deputy Attorney General under President George W. Bush, Holder was already familiar with Rosenstein, as was then FBI Director, Robert Muller, but the connections don’t end there.

Rod’s wife, Lisa H. Barsoomian, is also a U.S. Attorney. The graduate of Georgetown Law was a protégé of both former Directors of the FBI, James Comey and Robert Mueller.

Barsoomian’s boss, R. Craig Lawrence has represented James Comey five times, Robert Mueller three times, Barack Obama 45 times, Hillary Clinton 17 times, and Bill Clinton 40 times including once in 1998 with Lisa’s assistance.

Lisa Barsoomian went on to represent the FBI on her own at least 5 times since 1998 as well representing the D.C. Office of the U.S. Attorney. Her area of expertise has evolved into opposing Freedom of Information Act requests for the Intelligence Community.

For reasons unexplained, Barsoomian holds an email address with the National Institute of Health ( although there is no record of her having worked for the agency.

A common practice for certain intelligence agencies is to hide agents or assets within other government organizations.

Mark Mueller - the only official witness at the murder scene
Mark Mueller - the only official witness at the murder scene

Previous article on Mark Mueller

Mark Mueller from the BBC documentary series Conspiracy Files: Murder in Washington

Mark Mueller speaks at the first vigil for Seth Rich on July 14th of 2016

Haunted by Ghost Stories…

One of Rod Rosenstein’s bigger, yet relatively obscure, projects was the ambitious, expansive, and long term, FBI operation called Ghost Stories.

Our agents and analysts watched the deep-cover operatives as they established themselves in the U.S. (some by using stolen identities) and went about leading seemingly normal lives — getting married, buying homes, raising children, and assimilating into American society. — FBI site

If this description of the operation sounds familiar, you might be a viewer of the FX television series, The Amerikans, which is based on the Ghost Stories operation.

For Hillary Clinton, Rosenstein and the FBI’s deep rooted project became a bit of an inconvenience.

Timing is everything…

For the Clintons, the FBI’s biggest counterintelligence bust in history couldn’t have come at a worse time. — the Daily Caller

Hillary and company were in the midst of pushing through the Uranium One deal at the time the FBI had begun taking down some of the Russian players.

The State Department coordinated quickly with the Kremlin to return the spies in a lopsided swap over a busy Fourth of July weekend, when few in Washington were paying attention.

I highly recommend reading the entire article from the Daily Caller:


Did the unceremonious and unsatisfying end to the prized Ghost Story operation create animosity between Rosenstein, his Intel circle and the Clintons? It is no secret in D.C. that Rosenstein and Clinton are not the best of friends. Even while protecting the status quo and covering up the other’s corruption, there is an ongoing power struggle — jockeying for leverage over the other players in the Swamp.

Shepard Ambellas of Intellihub points out an interesting section in the otherwise phoney Steele Dossier — likely the only section verifiably true through the Ghost Stories operation — and the one section nobody in the mainstream media bothered to mention even though it is on the first page:



Last week, Inspector General Michael Horowitz released his long awaited report on the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server followed by hearings with the Senate Judiciary Committee and a joint hearing with the House Oversight and Judiciary committee.

Nearing the end of this second hearing, Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows was able to unmask the names of two more players previously being protected by somebody’s attempts at redactions for invalid reasons.

The FBI had previously stated the names were withheld as the people mentioned in the report were actively involved in counter-intelligence investigations. It turns out at least two of the individuals were not part of counter-intelligence at all–so why were their names hidden?

Alternate Link

Not unlike Peter Strzok and Lisa Page before them, this pair was also engaged in an extra-marital affair (now married), showed extreme political bias towards candidate and President Trump while working on the FBI’s Clinton investigation, and have both been referred for investigation by the Inspector General.

The couple were attorneys for the office of General Counsel under Trish Anderson. (Additional Reading on the couple — June 22, 2018 DailyMail)

Sally Moyer
Sally Moyer

Connect the Dots…

How does this factor into the Seth Rich investigation? Let’s take a closer look at who these two newly identified individuals are:

Sally Moyer, attorney for the FBI, and very close friend of Rod Rosenstein’s wife, Lisa Barsoomian as per sources familiar with the individuals.

Kevin Clinesmith, in addition to having connections to Rod Rosenstein through the DOJ, lives in the apartments above Lou’s City Bar–-the very same Lou’s where Seth was said to have been the night of his murder.

This is also the same Lou’s City Bar whose general manager, Lou Capone, had visited the White House four days prior to the murder for a scheduled meeting in what would have been office area reserved for the First Lady and her staff at the time.

Since we are going down the coincidence path, in a country the size of the U.S., what would the odds be Clinesmith had not only previously resided in the same Michigan city as Seth’s ex-girlfriend, but also the same block at a previous D.C. address? Yes, it could be chance…

Clinesmith also has connections to the Department of Energy, where, *Kevin Doherty had also claimed to have worked (Note: Doherty’s resume of positions still remain unverified…*Read about Kevin Doherty in JUSTICE Part 3 )


The Department of Energy pops up in this investigation continually…if Mark (aka Mike) Mueller is the official witness, then the unofficial witness would be the early morning dog walker.

One of the worst kept secrets on the streets of D.C., and easily discovered by most serious investigators of this case, has been the witness who claimed to have been out walking her dog at 4:00am the morning of July 10, 2016, who, coincidentally, was an award winning employee of the Department of Energy and played a role in the Uranium One deal. (DOE was on of the nine agencies required to sign off on the deal.)

According to D.C. Metropolitan Police’s CCN #16113797 Public Incident Report on Seth Rich (source: ScribD):

  • On July 10, 2016, at 4:20 a.m., Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) officer Jody O’Leary responded to a gun shooting at a residential neighborhood in D.C. — the southwest corner of 2134 Flagler Place NW, Washington, DC 20001.
  • Officer O’Leary was assisted by MPD officers *Robert Wingate Robinson, Derek Tarr, Shea Ellis, Benjamin Velez and Mark Lee (Velez and Lee wore body cameras).
  • The victim was Seth Conrad Rich.

May 17, 2017— Fellowship of the Minds (Alt link)

*Note — There is no evidence to support the claim Nandi Robinson is related to Officer Wingate-Robinson

So what does this all mean in the Seth Rich investigation?

Think about the Ghost Stories operation — 10 years it ran — Russian spies were allowed to set up in the U.S., establish ties, build their lives, work their way into government positions— into the inner circle of then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Yes, they were being observed, but they were also building real dossiers on people, sending intelligence back home, all with the knowledge of the FBI and the DOJ.

It was only when the discovery of a long term operation would have become a detriment to the Clintons when the project was hastily wrapped up — a deal to return the captured spies quietly, and quickly, put together over a July long weekend — a deal so one-sided favoring the Russian government, it made the work, time, and resources of the Ghost Stories op wasteful.

In order to complete the horrible Uranium One deal and line the pockets of those involved, the FBI saw their work given away for virtually nothing in return — at least in the eyes of the regular agents not involved in the political games. Of course for those in the upper echelons of the Swamp, especially those reaping the rewards of cash heavy Russian contracts, it was more than worthwhile to shelve the project. With the cooperation of the mainstream media, they were able to spin the project as a huge success and then make it disappear from the public eye.

In the wake of Silk Road, which established the cast of players, and then Ghost Stories, the Russian spying didn’t end — it evolved.

  • Why did the FBI allow the DNC to keep their hacked server?
  • Why would the FBI take the word of Crowdstrike, a third party, paid by the DNC, to examine the server. Report HERE (Oldest archived version HERE)
  • The only confirmation of Russian hacking comes from Crowdstrike

Obama Appoints CrowdStrike Officer To Admin Post Two Months Before June 2016 Report On Russia Hacking DNC — the Daily Caller

The FBI and DOJ did not need to see either the DNC server or Hillary Clinton’s private servers because they already knew what was on them — they’d been tracking them for years. They not only knew which foreign actors had compromised the servers but what information they had — they became the gatekeepers of the intel going out of the country as evidenced by their own operations.

So what would be a threat to their controlled flow of intelligence? Anyone who wasn’t supposed to access the servers may not only have removed specific, intentionally targeted information, but unintentional evidence which might expose the monitored servers. This could not be allowed.

Obama’s cybersecurity coordinator confirms Susan Rice ordered him to ‘stand down’ on Russian meddling

Of course he did…


Stay tuned for Part 6 of the Justice Series in the America First Media Group’s nearly two year long investigation into the unsolved murder of Seth Rich.

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