George Papadopoulos Was Interviewed By FBI’s Anti-Trump “Resistance” Lawyer

FBI attorney Kevin Clinesmith, who sent anti-Trump text messages and was “numb” after Trump won the 2016 election, was revealed to have interviewed Trump campaign advisor George Papadopoulos who pleaded guilty of lying to the FBI, reports Chuck Ross of the Daily Caller.

Papadopoulos, a 30-year-old energy consultant, was interviewed twice last year prior to his arrest on July 27, 2017. The first interview was conducted on Jan. 26, 2017. He was interviewed again on Feb. 16, 2017. Clinesmith was not present for the first interview, TheDCNF is told.

On Oct. 5, 2017 Papadopoulos pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI during his first interview about the timing of his contacts with Mifsud.

Before joining the Trump campaign in March 2016 as a foreign policy advisor, Papadopoulos lived in London, working as a researcher for the Hudson Institute think tank, and later as an independent energy consultant.

Meanwhile, it was Papadopoulos’ May 10 alleged “drunken barroom admission” to former Australian diplomat Alexander Downer that the Russians had information which “could be damaging” to Hillary Clinton. Papadopoulos was originally told of the alleged Russian plot two weeks earlier on April 26, by Maltese professor Joseph Mifsud (missing since October 2017) – whose organization George Papadopoulos met his wife through.

Papadopoulos was then approached by FBI informant spy Stefan Halper in the fall of 2016, who lured him to London and paid him $3,000 for his work on an energy policy paper.

And then Kevin Clinesmith interviewed him… 

Clinesmith, referred to in a DOJ Inspector General’s report as “FBI Attorney 2” and “doxxed” by Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) last week, texted several colleagues lamenting the “destruction of the Republic” after former FBI Director James Comey reopened the Clinton email investigation, and said he was “numb” after Donald Trump won the 2016 US election.

In response to a colleague asking he had changed his views on Trump, Clinesmith responded “Hell no. Viva le resistance” (sic) a reference to the Trump opposition movement that clamed to be coordinating with officials inside the Trump administration.

“I am so stressed about what I could have done differently,” reads another text believed to be about the Clinton email investigation – internally known as the “Midyear Review” or “MYE.”

Don’t worry though – none of Clinesmith’s bias was a factor in the Trump investigation according to the Inspector General. Another FBI agent whose pro-Clinton / anti-Trump bias surely didn’t factor into the agency’s investigations was “Agent 1” who referred to Hillary Clinton as “the President” after interviewing her during the Email “matter.”

Agent 1 later married FBI “taint team” expert Sally Moyer – known as “Agent 5” in the IG report. Moyer notably texted “fuck Trump,” “screw you trump” and said that if Hillary didn’t win, “I’m gonna be walking around with both of my guns.”

And then there’s FBI special agent Peter Strzok – who was in charge of the Clinton email investigation and then probed Trump for “Russian collusion” while texting his lover Lisa Page that “we’ll stop” Trump from becoming president.

Strzok, who interviewed former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn on January 24, 2017 and may have altered or destroyed his “302” form documenting the session, was escorted out of his FBI office earlier this month. The good news is that as per the OIG’s report, is none of the bias harbored by the FBI agents investigating Clinton and Trump translated into their efforts.

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