The Seth Rich Investigation – JUSTICE Part 4


As is the case with ever changing news, this is not the Part 4 of JUSTICE piece I have been working on, (it will become Part 5 — maybe 6 if more news breaks). I ‘m nothing if not flexible — figuratively at least.

By now, most people following the case of Seth Rich have seen the latest developments in the multitude of legal battles being fought by the Rich family and their lawyers. You will likely need a score card to keep track of the lawsuits launched by high priced legal outlets against the likes of America First MediaEd ButowskyThe Washington TimesFox News, and more.

One reader comment which appears numerous times in different news sites:

I’ve never seen a family fight so hard to not solve a murder.

The comment is in relation to the latest attempt to intimidate everyone — and I mean everyone — who has so much as liked or re-Tweeted (RT’d = shared) a post from Twitter users such as WikileaksJulian Assange, or Kim Dotcom.

That’s right, the lawyers have subpoenaed the Twitter records, including private conversations, known as Direct Messages, from a wide assortment of right-leaning and libertarian accounts. Also included are any tweets with hashtags vaguely relating to Seth Rich — such as #coverup and #FactsOverFeelings.

What’s that? You liked a tweet from Wikileaks which may have been a retweet of a news story about…something (Seth Rich was murdered in July of 2016)? Yes, your tweet could be included if they had their way. Factoring in everything they are requesting from Twitter, you would be looking at millions of documents dating back to 2015.

Remember, the main claim of their many lawsuits is public defamation. How would anybody’s private messages help a case of public defamation? Obviously, it wouldn’t. Nothing anyone says in a private conversation can be interpreted as defamation — regardless of what was said. So what exactly are the lawyers for the Rich family trying to accomplish?

Ty Clevenger, lawyer for Ed Butowsky in these suits, sums up these tactics in his latest article Why wont Seth Richs brother authorize Wikileaks to tell what it knows?

Aaron Rich probably knows already that neither he nor his brother sent any messages to Wikileaks via Twitter, thus it is safe for his lawyers to pretend that they are trying to reveal the truth about Wikileaks by serving an unenforceable subpoena for its private messages.

Additionally, in their attempt to appear transparent regarding Wikileaks, they have instead fuelled the fires of Wikileak’s involvement by issuing the far reaching subpoena in the first place.

Jim Holt illustrates this in the following Gateway Pundit piece (another media outlet covered by the subpoena). “If Seth Rich Had Nothing to Do with Wikileaks Why Did Rich Attorneys Just Subpoena Julian Assange and Wikileaks Twitter Messages?”

Aaron Rich and Democrats insist Seth Rich had nothing to do with the leaked Hillary emails to Julian Assange and Wikileaks. Then why are they going after Julian Assange and Wikileaks? What are they expecting to find? – the Gateway Pundit

Apparently, the reality of the subpoena being unrealistic, unenforceable, and irrelevant to the stated purpose of their lawsuit sunk in on Sunday afternoon.

By 1:45 p.m. on Sunday afternoon, I received a notice from Joshua Riley, another partner at Boies Schiller, that Mr. Rich was withdrawing his June 1, 2018 subpoena. – Ty Clevenger

Ultimately, nobody investigating a homicide wants to add to the pain of the victim’s family and friends, but when easily answered questions which could lead to solving the crime — yes, this case is solvable — are endlessly suppressed, it becomes difficult to understand how the investigators can be considered conspiracy theorists.

America First Media has unequivocally stated they have the names of suspects along with evidence and witness depositions, which have been submitted to officials. It seems apparent this information is also being suppressed as no further action has been taken by authorities. Why aren’t the Rich’s legal teams asking about this information?

I will pose this question to the reader:

If you had a law firm such as Boies Schiller Flexner, LLP, who have worked for the former President of the United States at your disposal, would you use them to attack groups of volunteer investigators trying to solve your family member’s murder? Or would you go after the DOJ who has credible evidence, including the names of the suspected perpetrators (information provided by the same volunteer investigators)?




Stay tuned for Part 5 of the Justice Series in the America First Media Group’s nearly two year long investigation into the unsolved murder of Seth Rich.

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