Government Waste Thrives In Darkness

Government Waste Thrives In Darkness Submitted by Real Clear Politics, authored by Thomas W. Smith chairman of

In the last 20 years, our country’s national debt has exploded. In 2001, when George W. Bush took office, the national debt was $5.8 trillion. It took around 225 years — booms, busts, depressions, wars, etc. — to amass that much national debt. In just eight years, Bush and a compliant Congress doubled the number to $11.7 trillion. In Barack Obama’s two terms, another $8.6 trillion was added. During the past four years, Donald Trump and Congress fought many battles, but

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COVID Lockdown Policies Will Disproportionately Hit Black Americans For Decades, New Study Finds

COVID Lockdown Policies Will Disproportionately Hit Black Americans For Decades, New Study Finds “Follow the science” exclaimed every virtue-signaling talking head as left-leaning authorities/officials clamped down on Americans’ rights nationwide… “wear a mask”, “shelter at home”, “no comingling”, “slow the spread”, “think of the children”, “save grandma” were the cries as the virus refused to pay attention to state and local authories’ orders to behave as the “scientist” textbooks claimed.

And, as cases rose, and hospitalizations rose, and deaths rose, so did the tyrannical trouncing of the economy sending unemployment rates to record highs and crushing GDP growth to record

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Manchin, Moderate Dems Defy Party’s Push to Eliminate Filibuster

Sen. Joe Manchin

West Virginia senator Joe Manchin (D.) said he will defend the congressional filibuster despite pressure from liberal activists to abolish the legislative maneuver.

Manchin’s office told the Washington Free Beacon the senator’s opposition to eliminating the filibuster has not changed. Other moderate Democratic senators such as Kyrsten Sinema (Ariz.), Amy Klobuchar (Minn.), and Chris Murphy (Conn.) have also expressed their support for the procedure despite internal pressure.

Recent Stories in Democrats

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Erasing Three Colleagues, CA Democrat Claims She’s the ‘Only Single Mother’ in Congress

Rep. Katie Porter

Democratic congresswoman Katie Porter (Calif.) claimed to be the only single mother in Congress in a fundraising email on Monday, erasing at least three of her House colleagues who are also single mothers.

Porter said in the email that she was “the only single, working mother of young kids” in Congress and that the pandemic “disproportionately” affected working mothers. Porter’s email makes no mention of fellow Democratic Rep. Cori Bush (Mo.), a newly elected single mother of two.

The email also overlooks Republican Reps. Nancy Mace (S.C.) and Beth Van Duyne (Texas), who were elected to Congress in November as

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Media shrugs off Schumer gaffe

Once again, House Democrats filed the Articles of Impeachment against former President Donald J. Trump.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer had words to share about the charges being filed against Trump. 

In an unfortunate slip of the tongue, Schumer said“Make no mistake, there will be a trial, and when that trial ends, senators will have to decide if they believe Donald John Trump incited the erection…” more

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News outlets can’t figure out why Americans don’t trust them

A recent Edelman trust barometer released to Axios revealed that American trust in the news media has hit an all-time low of 27%. In the midst of a global pandemic, when citizens have relied on the media more than ever to bring them the facts, the media has failed to do that. Now 57% of Democrats and only 18% of Republicans have any faith in the media at all. 

To anyone who has been paying attention lately, the drop in trust probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise. What’s particularly galling, however, is the fact that the media refuses

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Amnesty Calls on Biden to Close Guantánamo and End Military Commissions “Once and For All”

By Jessica Corbett After U.S. military prosecutors filed formal charges against three longtime prisoners at the Guantánamo Bay offshore prison for nearly 15 years without…

Amnesty Calls on Biden…

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Author: Activist Post

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On Avoiding Expensive Mistakes…

On Avoiding Expensive Mistakes… Submitted by Adventures in Capitalism

Let me throw this out there; the investing game is mind-numbingly easy. You buy good businesses for less than fair value. Sure, we can all argue about fair value. There are always surprises in the future trajectory of a business. This game has some wrinkles and drama, but at the most basic level, it’s easy. In fact, done correctly, it only involves a handful of decisions each year.

If it’s so easy, why aren’t I wealthier? It’s because I’ve tried to complicate things from time to time and made some very

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Superstar Robinhood Traders Are Turning To Paid Financial Advice

Superstar Robinhood Traders Are Turning To Paid Financial Advice It’s starting to look like the new ultra-high net worth individuals are formerly twenty-somethings that got their start trading on Robinhood. Some of those who have smashed and grabbed on the platform are now turning to professionals to help protect their winnings. At least that was the takeaway from a Bloomberg report featuring several Robinhood traders who have done well and are now seeking out professional financial advisors to manage their wealth.

The piece featured traders like 31 year old Jeremy Johnson, who, after investing $15,000 per year with Robinhood, has

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